Hey, I’m Kaleem.

I’m a Product Manager at Yammer where I’m focused on broadening customer adoption. On the side, I'm reading Disrupted and just completed an electronic music production course at Dubspot.

I’m technical.

I underwent a rigorous Computer Science program at Carnegie Mellon. I’ve shipped technically sophisticated features for Yammer and Windows, and written code for financial software in the past.

I’m design-oriented.

During my Human-Computer Interaction Master’s program at Carnegie Mellon, I focused on user experience design and user research—undertaking rigorous coursework and projects. I learned a great deal through osmosis and working with talented designers.

I’ve worked on a variety of things.

From executing complex engineering projects at Windows to designing interactive museum experiences at the Warhol to running ethnographic studies in Indian slums.

I make stuff.

Food, music, products—whatever it is, I take pride in crafting things with great care and attention to detail.

I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my team productive.

Hustling to investigate technical issues. Hacking a script to analyze some data. Thinking through an interaction by creating wireframes. Running a quick and dirty usability study to look for an insight. Just name it.

I’m a firm believer of Kaizen.

Or continuous improvement. I strive to balance reaction with reflection, and have learned from both success and failure. One of my biggest failures taught me the importance of user-centered design in creating products.

I'd like to think I’m chill.

If we hang out, we’ll likely spend time messing with hardware synthesizers, cook gourmet food, check out a gallery opening, debate the design of a product or spend hours digging dusty vinyl crates in record stores. Did I mention live music shows?

Give me a shout!

I’m on TwitterSoundCloud and Instagram.

I was born in India, raised in Qatar and now live in San Francisco. I’m inspired by the work of David Kelley, Steve Jobs and Tangerine Dream.